About Me


I’m a 13-year-old web programmer, a huge tech devotee and a student of grade VI (Promoted to VIII), from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m the youngest Zend Certified Engineer in the world.


I have been a technology fan since childhood. Entertainments like computer games kept on attracting me towards technology. And then gradually I got amused by the internet world- where I started to spend almost all of my leisure. And then I started to wonder how exactly the websites worked behind the scenes, how someone from the other end of the world could receive the message I sent ! That was since when I got interested in programming languages and finally when I was 11+, I attended a course in IBCS-Primax Software (BD) Ltd. based on PHP. I kept on enjoying working with it, and finally decided to gain the certification for PHP, and succeeded, which made me the youngest ZCE.

Newspaper articles after getting Zend Certified:

Prothom-Alo on 2nd January 2013 

Ittefaq on 6th January 2013

Prothomalo on 11th January


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